5 Things to Consider Before Calling a Bail Bonds Company

jacksonville fl bail bondsIf you received a call from an arrested loved one is a scary situation. The urgent response you’ll have is to immediately look for ways to release the person as soon as possible. Jacksonville FL bail bonds agents help with the entire process of releasing the detained out of jail.


Before you call a bail bondsman and let them take the responsibility, it is better to know first the basic facts of bail bonds.


Bail Bonds are Loans


The same as securing a bank loan for a new home or a new car because you are unable to pay it in cash, you go to a bonds agent because you are inept of paying the full amount of bail. The agency covers the bail amount and adds up a percentage for the agent fee. Jacksonville FL bail bonds are short-term loans that the agent needs to pay in the court to release the defendant from jail.


It is Not Necessary at All


You don’t need to call a bail bonds agency to arrange the bail immediately. It is possible to have the defendant released on their own if the court determines it as not a flight risk. Also, if the family covers the entire bail amount, it saves you from paying the agent’s fee.


You are Responsible for the Accused


Once you bail a defendant out of jail, you’ll be known as an ‘indemnity.’ It means you are responsible for their action while out on bail like paying the entire amount if re-arrested. Also, if the defendant flees after release, you’ll pay the damage incurred in agencies.


Bail Money would Return after Completion of Legal Proceedings


If you paid the entire amount of bail, the money would return until the completion of legal proceedings which takes months due to extensive backlogs. Likewise, if your loved one misbehaves, you’ll never get the money back.


The State Regulates the Bond Fees


All Jacksonville bail bonds companies comply with the regulations set by the local statutes, not by the individual office. In choosing a bail bonds agent, look for their license, and check their experiences and backgrounds.




The most important thing to consider in looking for the best Jacksonville bail bonds Agency is the license and experiences in facilitating the release of a defendant. Before signing a bail contract, make sure you’ve understood the basic facts of bail bonds.