Learning how to drive is both exciting and unnerving. If you’re a beginner, you must always practice driving cautiously. Whether you’re practicing in New York or you’re enrolled at a driving school in Jacksonville, FL, it’s always best to drive safely and cautiously.


There are lots of rules to follow when driving so it is highly recommended to enroll at a driving school. If you live in the Sunshine State, there are multiple driving schools in Jacksonville, FL and pretty much anywhere in the country.


Ready to hit the road? Buckle up and remember these driving practices:


Accelerate slowly

It’s very tempting to just step on the accelerator and speed off, but it’s important to exercise patience and self-control. From a complete stop, slowly put pressure on the gas pedal and accelerate gradually.


Maintain a safe speed

You probably played racing car video games when you were younger and in those simulations, you can run your car for more than 150 miles per hour, but that’s not the case in real life. Once you get the hang of driving, you would probably want to push the limit of the designated speed limits. Don’t. Driving within the posted limits is not simply adhering to the law, it also takes into account your safety and other drivers on the road.


Breaking smoothly

Avoid slamming the brake pedal. Learning to slow down and go to a full stop is one of the lessons a beginner should practice. Gently put steady pressure on the brake pedal until your vehicle comes to a full stop.


Be aware of road signs

Road signs are not decorations –– they should be followed to a T. Memorize all the signs, pavement markings, and what they mean. Those signs are posted for a reason. Don’t ignore the road signs, it could save your life.


Use your blinkers

Practice utmost safety by communicating effectively with other drivers. Use your turn signal to indicate you are turning to the right or left. This helps other drivers determine which way they should go or if they need to slow down to avoid hitting you.


These are some of the practices you should keep in mind as a beginner. Driving will become as easy as writing once you get enough practice and gain more confidence. For best results, consult a professional and visit a driving school in Jacksonville, FL.