When we turn on the television, we often see lawyers or attorneys in our favorite TV shows. Sometimes, they also appear in advertisements placed across the media. Unbeknownst to many, there are different types of specializations, and criminal law is one of them. Here’s what a criminal defense lawyer in Jacksonville, FL, can do for you:

Fix Your Settlements

When you are charged for an offense, you are either detained for hours or even during the trial. However, some individuals are released on bail, and a criminal defense attorney can handle that.

The bail hearing must be set in motion in the presence or with the help of an attorney. They would bargain the court for your immediate release or conditional detention.

Besides, other settlements can be made in the judiciary. One of which is a plea bargain, which reduces the prison sentence in exchange for the admission of guilt. Other remedies and settlements are made available, and a criminal lawyer could help you with that.

Defend You in Court

One of the primary roles of a criminal defense attorney is to defend you in court hearings. For example, they would convince the judge and the jury of your innocence from the criminal charge.

Note that in the U.S. jurisdiction, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. With that, a criminal defense lawyer would be defending your right to the presumption of innocence and further coalesce it with rights vested under the constitution.

Handle the Procedural Aspects

Little does everyone know that law is mostly about the procedural aspects of everything. While we often see litigation on TV, the opposite is the case. Legal actions are filled with paperwork, procedures, and filing.

A criminal lawyer is knowledgeable about these aspects, from setting the proceedings in motion to what motion or petition to file in the higher courts. What is essential is that the lawyer is well versed in criminal procedure.

The Ruling

While it may appear to some that a criminal defense attorney ahs a straightforward task, they do so much than just litigation. They draft petitions, set hearings in motion, and inform you of your rights as an individual. The job of a criminal lawyer is to assure you that someone defends for your rights in the most reputable and competent manner.